Youth Make Proud

Do you feel young? But still not successful? Or still can not reach what your dreams? Maybe there is something wrong with you, what should the young man do? Well this article is suitable for young people who want to change and improve the quality of himself, doesn’t for a young man who want have a good life without effort.

The young man is synonymous with creative, passionate, passionate, ambitious to achieve what is the target or the dream. The young meaning must be really young or teenagers, but the youth according to some experts is the age phase since the teenager or about 15 years to the age of 40 years where the condition is being prime and self potential is being driven rapidly.

This young blood is like a double-edged blade. You can drain the young blood for positive activities that support your career and your future. So many people around you are proud of the achievement of what you’ve got. Or you want to drain into the negative so that your future is destroyed, you become a loser, a bum, a garbage of society and hated by everyone, that’s your choice.

So make your decision guys, because life only once, you can never replay what you have done before in the past. But what achievement is most proud at a young age for you guys?
– achievement when school?
– achievement in college?
– got the best performance?
– got a bona fide job from a reputed company?

Hmm, maybe you have your own achievements that may be out of the logic and habits of many people because everyone has varying levels of achievement. Usually what makes adrenaline the achievement of the youth is culminating is the curiosity and sense of challenge gained from the level of achievement. For example, there is a young russian who have a hobbies take selfie photo from the very top of the building, maybe for some people it is a very stupid act because it can eliminate his own life if he falls from a height. But for him, maybe that’s what makes the spirit of his life rising, because of curiosity when take selfie photo from the top of the high building.
Curiosity has always been a driving force yourself forward, breaking down the taboo things and habits in society. This is one of the characteristics of young people who are very difficult to remove, and indeed if the curiosity can push himself into a positive thing. Then he would be an expert because the experience that he had.

As an example

– you want to be able to paint when you have not studied painting at all, it would be considered crazy or irrational if hoped would achieve a national level award isn’t it? But if the person is already determined that initially just a fad can give the result, which originally not talented to be experts because the action is always on live to be successful in the field of painting.

– dreaming can be master in html but never studying it or studying computer related, but hoping to get a job from a bona fide company adobe master for example because the website and our work in it? It is very possible if we are really serious and focused even though only learn self-taught without having a teacher or tutor because the science is very scattered and can be obtained for free.

That is some evidence that young people can achieve what they want as long as they have the will to learn and to strive. There are many other amazing stories of young people who succeed in breaking the habit in society to maximize its potential to success. Because if we do not dare to start the taboos thing then forever we will be confined and never really know what actually becomes our potential .

In general society we may be driven to work according to the level of education we take. But great sense of curiosity encourages us, to drive us to learn so many different things that we can or even become experts such as marketing, advertising, branding, graphic design, and more. And it can all be taught autodidactly through online media, books, magazines to experts, and start learning something be a massive then your success will surely reach and leave the haters behind you.

You guys may have a bad past, every human being certainly experienced it. Because the human phase is up and down but to change for the better is a choice, to make your family proud, the people around proud, even to the proud state you are your choice. And when you choose, you can not stop in the middle of the road. Go on until you reach your goal, make everyone know that you are not a yesterday who can not do anything, do not know anything, do not have anything to be proud of.

Rise, be yourself and show that you are different. Different in good, positive and spreading goodness to the environment. Go and enjoy the beauty of nature that god created for all human beings because with adventure you will find new things that you will never forget.
So, be young and make proud. Keep positive, be active, talk less, do more.

Young people make a proud, when we are ambitious to change others to be something we want. Then change ourselves so that we can be proud of ourselves, because we are the role models before directing others, we had be a role model to them, because they will see we have success in doing what we are commanded to them.


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