Note These 5 Things To Get Success

Many people who want to be successful in various things, whether in education, college, work, business, relationships and more. However they sometimes pay less attention to the factors or things that can block the path to success. As a result of ignoring the things that became a barrier of success, eventually they regretted the problems met with in caused by errors originating from itself.
For those of you who want to be a successful person in every field, you should first consider things that hinder you to success that comes from yourself. Before you look for errors or inhibiting factors of external success. You should introspection into yourself because usually a lot of failures that happen to us because it is caused by mistakes from ourselves.
If you successfully mastering yourself, control ourselves, surely success will you get. It is the hardest opponent to success is ourselves, because by fighting lust and arrogance that exist in us then we will feel dissatisfied. But what does that mean if it turns out that at the end of the struggle we only encounter problems and failures due to our enormous ego, the desire to win with the ultimate ambition.
There are 5 things that we summarize based on the experience of the experts in facing and undergoing various twists and turns in the direction of success. They have tasted bitter things as they crawl a little bit by bit to achieve what they dream of. But always the biggest barrier factor is oneself because of too much desire to ignore the important things around them. What are the 5 things? They are ego, emotion, disire, neglect, and workaholic. Then what’s that all about? Well for more explanation, you can listen to our review below about the 5 things you should control if you want to get success as the experts who have already experienced it first. We present the following information so you can learn and do not repeat the mistakes of the experts in the future, so check this out!

1. Control The Ego

Essentially, the ego is your identity, something you think is your identity. Our ego usually consists of name, personality, and story as well. In this personal story, there is a myriad of memories, beliefs, impressions, and sensations about who you really are, where you come from, what is good and bad about you, what you have experienced, and everything else.
The ego sometimes blinds us, with the ego that we have makes us over-confident to make a downfall. making a decision based on the ego is a wrong step because we have to think about various aspects not only because it is dominated by private or one-sided interests so that the result of the decision is biased or certain parties will feel the decision we take is uneven and cause injustice to others .
The ego is the mediator between animal desires (Id) with rational and realistic (Superego) targets. It is the ego that causes humans to subdue human animal desires and live as rational beings (in the normal person), but also the ego that can make people become corrupt and evil. So control your ego, do not let him go wild and turn around to control you.

2. Control Your Emotion

As a normal human being in general emotional feelings must be owned by everyone. All the feelings of a good man are sad, happy, angry, depressed, etc. God has given his servant for having a more perfect nature and feeling than other beings. It’s just not all humans can control their emotions well so it affects the productivity of their lives including work, business, relationships, etc.
Emotions here are not just categorized as angry emotions, irritants, revenge, and other antagonistic emotions, not at all. Why are not the antagonistic emotions that are difficult in control? Because it turns out the protagonist’s emotions such as family feeling, affection, retaliation, etc. are also emotions that can disturb our rationality when deciding to take a decision. Perhaps for you it sounds weird but trust me, uncontrolled emotions either antagonists or protagonists is things that can affect the quality of our performance while being face to face with potential clients, customer, business associate or our relationships.
If taking the example of such antagonists emotions, angry surely you already know how difficult it is to control the angry or irritated thus affecting our alignments in taking a decision. But that is no less difficult when we pull out the side of the protagonists so that there is a bad feeling to deny or make decisions that bitter to those who we consider to be the important part in family relationships for example.
For instance we cooperate in terms of business with our cousins, even though we know that such cousin was a very incompetent in his major, but because of the sense of family you end up taking the decision to grant a job that ultimately will affect the performance of your business in the future could even be detrimental to your company toward bankruptcy because it put someone who is not a professional on the vital position in the company.
So put yourself in the place, do not bring trouble or personal life into your business, future or career. It may be heavy but professionalism is required here as your stepping stone to a higher level of success.

3. Control Desire to Win

Who are the people who don’t want to succeed? Do not want rich? Do not want to win in any case he wants? Certainly the desire to win is always there because humans was created starting from the process alone is mutually competing to win. Our parents before marriage must love each other first instead and in the process there must be competition or struggling to get each partner. After they get married they must have sexual intercourse to get the child and from the process of fertilization, we who would be child candidate has competed as sperm cell in our mother’s womb until we present in this world. It is an example of a full human life path to win to survive.
But why the desire to win it must be in control? Should not we always strive to be at the forefront, and successful in every competition? Does anyone think that in your mind? The answer is right, we must do our best to be able to get what we want if the way and the way it is right is not doing anything even breaking the law to win. Why is that? Because when you try to always win then you will be very afraid of defeat, the desire to win it is accompanied by indisputable and this is what sometimes can be bad in the world of competition.
There are only two possibilities when we are difficult to control the desire to always win. First, if we think that we should not lose and we don’t want to lose then surely we will do any bad things that to be able to win even if it did have to break the rules that may harm another person, or sacrifice something that we love such as property, assets or even a family to satisfy the desire to win
Secondly if we want to always win and we do not want to lose we will only focus on our opponents, our competitors. Not looking towards the goal you want to reach or the finish line will be glued to the opponent or competitors on our right and left side. If you are already at this point then your life will be shackled by the things that are egoism or individual, you will not pay attention to the humanity, you will only think it and it is who should win no matter what will happen later. Your energy will only be drained on competitors rather than on the initial goal where you decide to start a thing. So let go of that desire, play fair, keep your best effort without cheat or selfish to win.

4. Controls For Any Detail

Have you ever felt so happy that even hovering like you might have won something like a business project for example or winning a lottery on a television station? Usually a happy person will focus on his victory, but if he is not careful then there are things that happen in the future.
For example if you win a business project, sometimes you rule out to read the terms and conditions contained in the business agreement isn’t it? Because you are very happy and trust your clients. But have you ever imagined that it would be an extraordinary loss if we lost a zero in the nominal agreement. You write $ 10,000 but because you are not careful then you will only get $ 1000, see how serious the detail is that it can eliminate the money that amount is not small.
Other illustrations if you win a sweepstakes giveaway, however you are not checking what are the things that are charged to the winner? It Could be one of them is high taxes and more expensive than the gift items we receive from the lottery. Tempted by a gift may but do not forget that behind the things that are free there must be a burden or consequence that is passed on to the winner. So be more careful in every thing you do and do not be tempted by sweet promises.
From the example above is to be able to achieve success you should be as detailed as possible in any case, because not to lose greater than profit just because we are not careful and careful in addressing a thing.

5. Control Your Work-life Balance

Sometimes work or business makes us forget that life is not just for money, money, and money. Although there is a sense of fun, a sense of satisfaction when we can finish deadlines and get bonuses from our boss or client. It makes us forget that life is not just for work or business, but God also grants us a vast earth for us to explore, to enjoy this temporary life.
Balancing life is not just our problem with work but also with our families, the environment and so on, because we social beings who also need to interact with others instead of living alone with our work. Did God create us just to make as much money as possible? Of course not, so do not want to be enslaved with money and let our time with family or just eliminate fatigue after a week busy with work.
There is even a research that say if we do not balance between personal and work life then the level of stress or depression of the person will increase. As a result he does not focus on work because of boredom or saturation, relationships with your couple are not in harmony, some even to suicide because they are not strong with the pressure of work that he can not bear the responsibility anymore.
So try to balance life between work and fun / relax, just enjoy your life, do not just chasing the world. Enjoy the world for your life, spend a day or two a day for a week to relax yourself. Because a successful person is a person who can manage time for his personal life and his family in proportion or balance.

Well that’s 5 things you have to control to achieve success. do not be too fast or hastily to realize the points above. do it step by step so you can enjoy the flow of success that is in yourself. keep the spirit, keep learning and never give up

Regards for success.

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