10 Things how to stay on top of success

Success is the point where a person is at the peak of glory in life. Many people try to be at the peak of success whether it’s in education, work, business or a lot of things that become targets in life. Measure of success of each person is different there are successful because it has a lot of money, have a stake in various companies, have business in various countries, get a bonafit job and so on.

Do you know that success is like a mountain that has a winding road to get to the top? But they forget that behind the top of the mountain there is a very deep chasm so that people who fall into the abyss can not survive or died. What is the correlation with the title of the article above? can anyone guess?

Yups, because not everyone is able to sustain the success that there is on him. They know to reach the top of success is difficult but they forget to keep it more difficult, why? Because someone who is already at the top will have more exams or hurdles that are not easy. As the tree grows, the more it grows taller the wind and the storm will be. It’s just that the tree already has a strong root so that he can withstand the speed of wind strongly. How about you? Have you built and solid principle that can withstand many obstacles when at the peak of success?

Many things that made people who have been at the top of his success went bankrupt just headed the valley of humiliation. Because at the top he feels more powerful than others, more advanced, richer, more everything what can be boasted about? Yet there is nothing eternal in this world, we can only do what we have achieved as well as possible. They forget that ever in the same position as them, therefore I am very respectful to successful people who remain modest in appearance and struggle because they can feel parallel to people who are still trying to succeed like him.

Here are 10 things you can make.

  1. Always feel stupid,

Why always feel stupid? Yes because humans are born from ignorance to know the new things and incredible in his life through a process whose name is learning. By feeling stupid then we will always be ready to learn and learn any new things from anyone who might be useful for us later. Never be content with knowledge because knowledge will always evolve over time that keeps turning.

But people who are already at the top of success sometimes feel themselves the most intelligent, most know everything so that he scorned others who felt his knowledge is lower than him. Can also hesitate to learn and feel already know everything because of his arrogance.

Successful people with arrogant characteristics and do not want to upgrade their knowledge is not expected to be long in the top of success. Why? Yes because the arrogant person is the one who is digging his own grave, the abyss of his own death.

So we better still learn the new knowledge from anywhere even more if it is concerned with the major that we focus to earn income. Do not ever stop to learn and feel enough with the knowledge we have today, time changes faster if we do not learn new things then surely we will be left behind. Certainly should be more spirited guys.

  1. Always Open for an Idea

Successful scientists and researchers usually have breakthroughs, and ideas that can also be called crazy or impossible. They are often laughed at, mocked, belittled, even in bully because they make something unusual in society at that time but will be of great benefit to future generations.

Like business people, maybe they are more creative or frustrated because they run out of ideas for sale? But usually successful entrepreneurs also started from the idea that does not make sense, but now many of those products are in search of people. For example just like instant noodles, maybe at the beginning of the making not many people who care much less want to buy but over time it turns out that many are looking for this type of processed foods instantly as food in an emergency or being lazy to cook. Do you lazy to cook? You should try this one, Hehe

The point is never to feel our ideas and ideas are the best and the greatest among the other ideas. Do not ever close new ideas from people around you because it could be from these ideas can make you or your business become more powerful and great again. Let’s collect all the ideas and action to keep you at the top of success.


  1. Always Improving Yourself,

Everyone is born with great potential and grace because all God’s loving and merciful creation creatures. But not everyone wants to develop his potential so that he becomes human useful to others with the skills and abilities it has.

Thomas Alfa Edison exerted all his ability to explore the potential that he had until he could finally succeed and find a shining object that is very useful in modern times like now, yes a lamp. You think he just creates a lamp without trial and error?

Like someone winks and whoala suddenly something done. No friend, a hard effort is  never lie to results. always add value to yourself, use all the potential to improve the quality of ourselves.

Changed, improve your skills and abilities, because the person who always adds value himself is the person who will maintain its success for a long time. Every time he always adapt in order to succeed in accordance with the times.

For example, in the past maybe the world of ecommerce is a business that is not too promising because the internet users are not too many. But now look, ecommerce start-ups are mushrooming everywhere to seize business opportunities that promise not less money every second. Will this last long? Not necessarily, it could be tomorrow, or next year all changes along with advances in technology and science.

  1. be detail,

Success not only comes with hard work but also thoroughness. look at painters, sculptors, does their work look beautiful just because of the scratches they make? No, they did so in great detail until the art connoisseurs were amazed by the work they made.

Never underestimate the small things that may be trivial to us, but if we are not careful then trivial things can destroy everything we have built, for example we have a contract of cooperation, if we underestimate the zeros only in the contract is certain the results we get can differ greatly from the initial expectations isn’t it?

Even shopkeepers have to compensate if they make a mistake even though it’s a very small nominal. but the shop owner believes that if a small thing is left without any responsibility and punishment then the cashier will take it for granted and it does not matter if he repeats the same mistake later. when from small things can trigger big things happen. Maybe today’s losses are a few cents, next month a few dollars, and could be next year the store is closed due to bankruptcy caused by a small protracted carelessness that eventually undermines the business that has been built with difficulty by the owner.

  1. Always be curious on a new things we can.

Have you ever thought about how the history of humans who initially only know the stone and wood to be modern and knowledgeable as now? The answer is the curiosity that humans have. Curiosity is the nature of humans since antiquity. Our ancestors used their intellect and curiosity to learn new things around them. Therefore humans continue to grow due to curiosity and curiosity is great.

Successful people always do that. they always try new things that make them curious. Until at last they change the curiosity with the action and when it comes to something very unusual then they will think how to change the work of curiosity it becomes valuable and can improve their standard of living and social.

So try to always keep a sense of curiosity towards many things that we can do. Experience is there because we want to try and try to live it. If you are only fixated on the experiences, skills and knowledge that you have now, then you will be left behind from your friends who always try new things to get something new.

  1. Sensitive to the consumer,

Doing business or work is a activities of serve, we provide services, products, services to our clients or prospective customers. wrong if we are indifferent and do not care about the service to our prospective customer. There is a proverb that “buyers or customers are kings then treated them with full attention and know what they want and need.”

Consumers who are satisfied with our service will add value for our business. Their satisfaction can also be a free promotion because they will tell the people around them if the service we provide, the products we sell and after sales products make them very served and satisfied with what they get because it is worth the money they spend .

So what consumers expect should be in accordance with what we will give later. Never underestimate any of our customers, because the quality of our service that will add value from ourselves and our company. With customers loyal to our product or business we can keep our business running and our success will last long.

  1. Commitment with yourself,

Do you know people who work as gold diggers? Gold miners manually? Or any other valuables? How do you think they are inconsistent in digging? They give up because despair did not find the mineral or gold seed they were looking for? Perhaps the necklaces, bracelets and gold rings you are using today will never exist if not for their diligence and hard work.

Just like other successful people, their success is at the top of successful results rather than being focused and consistent with their business or work. They are committed to succeed however the risks and obstacles that will be encountered, even though they have to fall awake to build a solid foundation but they persist and never give up in the fight to achieve the success they are targeting.

focus is, commitment, keep fighting, solve every problem, and commitment to finish every thing we have started. Do not try anything else before we can solve the problems and tasks of the things we’ve been doing before. Let’s build a commitment to ourselves that we can accomplish anything if we will, because we pursue success as the end of each of our struggles.

  1. Discipline,

Woman writing and planning business strategy

The most fundamental core to achieve success is none other than discipline. in any major if we are disciplined then we will master it and become an expert in the major that we are interested in. It takes 1000 hours to become an expert, meaning you have to discipline in a major, spend time, energy and mind to be as successful as you expect.

We can take the example of 2 simple examples of a newborn baby walking, and a child who learns cycling. Maybe those two examples are ordinary things that are around you but if you observe how they can succeed, then the spirit and persistence that exists in them should be your example and applied to your life that may have been experienced as two such examples.

For those of you who have a baby you definitely understand, how your child is very diligent and disciplined when learning to be able to stand. Starting from a crawl, until finally he uses the high stuff around him as a backrest and pedestal before he learns to stand up. After that they try to learn to walk slowly, and there must be a bit of drama when they get tired and fall when learning to walk. Do they give up? Are they desperate? No the baby is still disciplined learn to walk up to run and play with you. It is the result of their hard work and of course we, if the babies give up and no discipline we will never be able to walk until now.

Similarly, young children who learn to ride a bicycle. They are diligent and disciplined every day until they can smoothly ride a bike, although surely they have many failures such as falling, getting into the gutter, brake blong, unable to control the speed, and so forth. But they learn from their mistakes and can finally succeed in riding the bike as they expect.

Well from the two examples above is a simple thing that is around us but has meaning that is very useful for our lives. That there is no word of success without diligence, discipline and hard work in order to achieve the goals we want.

  1. Practice,

You are a dreamer? As I am also a dreamer. everyone is also a dreamer, even without a dream there may be no one who has a purpose and a future. The only difference is that the person who succeeds is the one who wants to make the dream come true is not just a wonderful fantasy in your sleep.

You know Theodore Hertzl? Founder and initiator of the state of Israel? He has a very inspiring quotes, “There is a will, it’s not fairy tale”, if you have the will then it is not a fairy tale or a dream. Despite his dreams he strongly opposed the world because he had to colonize but he proved that he could realize his dreams despite having to undermine the Islamic Caliphate and drive out the Palestinians.

So what is the point? Do not you just clever to plan and think, but also you have to  action because the idea without action is nothing. You hope to get into a favorite University without learning? Maybe it was luck. Do you expect to be accepted into a bonafit company without taking tests? Maybe it could but by way of cheating of course.

Eliminate all your dreams if you hope that dream can come true by itself. Create your own opportunities and luck by starting to try and be consistent in doing so until you understand and succeed.

  1. Brave to try something new

One businessman Bob Sadino says “a good business is a business that is run not just conceptualized”. one step is better than silence with a thousand reasons. you can have thousands of brilliant ideas but you only have one chance to succeed that is action

Many people are afraid to start because they have imagined things they might experience when they first try to do business. He is embarrassed to sell to his friends, neighbors, coworkers, because it is considered to be a poor activity. Though selling is one of the commercial activities that have existed since millions of years ago, trading is a natural social activity of human beings who would not want every human will surely use the concept of selling and buying though not a literal sale but implied.

If you have any ideas at this time, then try to start working on it step by step. Do not be afraid and do not worry, throw away your negative thoughts, and start a little positive that what you do is good and surely the people around you will respect what you do. So brave to try it either.

Greeting of Success


Motivapreneur Team

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