How Finding Your Original Passion?

Hi friend, have you confused to find what exactly is the potential that is inside you? Or are you really looking for your identity, passion, and what are the privileges you have in yourself? That’s normal friends, maybe you guys are less self-interested. So you do not know what the hell you can make the back as a passion so that your future is not too bad as possible.

Actually everyone is born with their potential, talents, and uniqueness, just they are still confused how to explore the potential that exists in them? Yet from our daily habits and activities it is very easy to read actually what our ability is. Because unconsciously we have things that no one else has and even the skills we need others.

One more thing before discussing the topic further. from now dont depend with others, be yourself, rise your dreams as high as the sky. Practice and create your passion if you feel you are not a person born with luck. Then create your own luck and your own chances, because that can help and save your future. Maybe the people around you will help you, but how long? How much they will help? It will not be long, so push harder yourself. Be independent with the abilities and potential God has given you.

Are you already starting to guess what your potential and passion is? If you haven’t find it, we wish the tips from us can help you to find passion according to the ability and personality of you. Because sometimes what is easy to done but it doesn’t fit with our passion and interest.

When you find a job that compatible with your passion and personality, you will love the job and feel the job is just like a game to be completed on every level. Then passion can give meaning, purpose, and energy in every activity. When you dedicate your time to the things you love, everything you do will be like playing and will not burden your life.

Tips To Find a Passion

So how to find a passion, and can make it your dream profession? Here are some tips to find the passion that is compiled by Motivapreneur team.

  1. find the passion of your hobby.

First you can start from a hobby or activity that you enjoy. Because the hobby is an activity where we feel enjoy and happy in living it. Many professionals start their careers from hobbies, though not easy but with their ultimate perseverance they can.

Some examples such as reading comics, drawing, dancing, or hobbies and other interesting things. Many experts and professionals start their profession through exhibitions, competitions, or display their work in social media so that many are interested in his work. In order for the hobby to make money then you must learn and practice earnestly.

A tip from us, do not be ashamed to show your ability or your hobby. Show the world, create videos and upload to youtube, create images and upload them to Instagram or Facebook. That way people will judge your quality through your work and abilities.

  1. Topics or Issues that you often follow can also be your passion.

You have social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Path, Youtube, etc? If you have a social media there are certainly some topics that you like in social media isn’t it? Just imagine if only the topics or issues that you often follow can show you the career and passion that are right for you.

There are many things you can use in social media to show your passion. Just do not be too focused and linger in front of social media. You should start trying the thing you see and practice it. For example if you like creative videos, then you should try to make them and reupload them to youtube or facebook for example.

If you like to see criminal issues, you can make a story or novel based on what you see. There are so many inspirations you can get from social media and the internet. Wisely use the social media and use it to support your future.

  1. write down all the ideas that have emerged

Have you noticed any ordinary person who brings a small book and pencil wherever he goes. Why? Because out there he could get a lot of inspiration and fresh ideas poured in for a hobby or career. He didn’t want to miss a single thought or idea is brilliant that is in his head.

It also can you copy, because usually it doesn’t come twice and will be easily lost if not written, except your brain has enough stonger reminder software. Write all the ideas, concepts, ideas that appear on your head, you can write it down anywhere, small book, note on the smartphone, sms, note in Group whatsapp and anywhere.

Don’t worry with your idea, because there is no ugly or bad idea, you just need to evaluate it later. Take note, create a concept, action/practice, evaluation and continued to do until you can get something out of that idea. Not possible you do not have an idea right? Even daydreaming alone could be a business idea that you know.

  1. Find out about the skills you need to improved

If you have found what your passion is. The next step is to find out more about passion or that. Do more research, trial and error, practice, and read as much as possible about your passion through articles on the internet or books on related topics.

Then look for ways to make your hobby your career or work, from the education and training you need to take, and the skills that need to be tackled. Begin to slowly gradually step by step so you feel unencumbered and relaxed when trying to pursue it.

Keep learning and processing to become a professional and an expert in the field you love. Do not forget to practice as often as possible. if that is the thing you really like, surely you will feel every challenge encountered is a challenge that must be solved. not a burden or a problem that only makes you more confused and discouraged. If you want your passion as a source of income then be a professional in that field.

That’s some way you can do so that you can find the right passion according to your personality and potential. So are you already imagining what your passion will be? We wait for the answer of friends to be discussed with others. Write your comment below this article, and share it to your social media if you feel this article useful and can inspire many people.


Greetings of success.


Team Motivapreneur.


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