How color affects your personality?

Color is one of the important and dominant elements in life especially human life. God created different colors to make the life of his creatures on earth become very diversified. We can see many colors, animals, colors, and other colors. But colors are not limited to red, blue, orange, etc. Color can also mean the nature, character, attached to every individual living being.

Color also has a strong influence on human attitudes and emotions, why be like that? When we look at the color, the eye will interact with a part of the brain called the hypothalamus which then sends signals to the pituitary gland in the endocrine system to pass to the thyroid gland. This thyroid gland will produce various hormones that can affect mood, emotion, and even human behavior. Imagine how can we visualize the character of our emotions?

One example is the decision to buy an item. A marketing expert neil patel, co-founder of crazy egg, hello bar and kissmetrics says “eighty-five percent of the reason people buy a product is because of color”. Perhaps you’ve seen a product in a furniture store with a mediocre look, and some are selling the same product in amazon with a very professional look. Which one are you buying? Surely you buy a more beautiful eyesight though the same product.

Colors can also represent various symbols, icons, characters, and hidden meanings. You may also feel that there is something behind a color when we see it, whether it is in cyberspace or when we are walking in the city.

Here are some colors accompanied by existing characters in the color.

  1. Blue

This color is commonly used in on many things, but what is in this blue color? You need to know the blue color can cause

 trust

 intelligence

 leadership

 loyalty

 tranquility

 security


What does that color have to do with those characters? You see the characters in blue consist of emotions, intelligence, and protection. That’s why blue is often used by companies that use data such as banks, insurance or fintax. The color is used to give the impression that the company has a high-intellectual resource, so it can be trusted to store personal data and provide a sense of calm in the minds of customers. Let’s guess what color is used by the largest social media that stores personal data of billions of people from all over the world? Right, blue.

But not all things can be represented by the blue color, it turns out that color is strictly forbidden for some products on the market. For example, the blue color is less suitable to be used for the design of food products, although the impression can be trusted. Blue can also cause a cold impression that decreases appetite. The blue color also impressed far from nature because not many natural foods are blue. Blue is often associated with toxins in food. Especially for food products, avoid using blue and use red or yellow guys.

2. Yellow

Surely you’ve seen yellow color is not it? It is not uncommon to see many signs and directions in public places using yellow. For examples such as traffic lights, emergency alerts, signs should lower the vehicle speed, and many more that you certainly find easy around you. Even in some countries there is culture that make a yellow flag used as a marker of a person’s death, it is very horrible.

But you have to be careful in using yellow, the use of small portions can attract people’s attention so much used as a warning sign in various places. But if in large quantities, yellow color can make people easily angry or anxious. So if you want to use something that can catch the attention of many people, use yellow in a balanced way.


3. Green

Everyone who often come to starbucks must be familiar with the green logo isn’t it? Or is there a logo or other symbols that you usually see everyday? Green gives the impression of being close to nature, creative and can highlight important elements in your site or product. This is called the von restorf effect and is useful if you bring up the to action button.

Green color is also synonymous with legality or you can do something. For example when a traffic light is green will you stop or walk? Of course you will run your vehicle isn’t  it? When you dispose of garbage, the average green trash can is accompanied by a recycle symbol in accordance with the type of waste that can be disposed of in that place. And many more use of green color for human life.

4. Orange

Orange gives a fun, impulsive, and competitive impression in your product. The orange color is warm and strong. So it lures us to move faster and active. Orange is also often used for things related to sports and children’s products.

Orange color also gives the impression of young, fresh, energetic, spirit and highlighted by the masses. Generally this color is used for products that are still associated with citrus fruits, such as orange juice, orange flavored candies, room fragrances, and so on. But orange color is also used by some football clubs like ajax amsterdam in the netherlands, because it gives the impression of passion, and can burn enthusiastically at the soccer field stadium.


5. Black

If we discuss black, what comes to mind? Spooky? Horror? Scary? Devil? Beast? Surely each of you have a distinct impression of black color isn’t it? But do not think badly, in many ways it turns out the black color has a strong character especially related to the world of men. You know it?

For example, in the fashion world there is a black suit that makes a masculine impression, sunglasses that make men appear more macho, black hat makes men more cool and calm. And again in the automotive world, black color gives the impression of elegance, bold, gentlement, authoritative, and charismatic. Surely many men who choose black color to show his personality.

Then there is an example of design, what impression do you get when you see the dominance of black color in a design? Black color does give the impression of elegant, sophisticated and powerful. If someone wants to sell you expensive things, then this is the color they will use. Some people think that black and white is not a color.

6. White

White is used more often as backdrop. Whereas with the use of good space, white can give the impression clean, spacious, neat, and free. The white color also symbolizes holiness, sanctity, and color that is often associated with various religious symbols and certain rituals.

For example, a white dove in christian teaching that symbolizes as the incarnation of holy spirit that brings peace. Although there is another theory of white color is the color of emptiness and lack of the existence of god.

White color itself is commonly used in various products and also often we find in public places. People who use white color means he is ready to bear the risk that his clothes or pants are exposed to dirt, because white is indeed vulnerable to the affected color stains and difficult to remove.

White and black colors are also like twin brothers. In asia they as known as yin and yang, for balancing in life. They have the same philosophy if in the fashion world. Elegant, expensive, noble, respectable, rich people, usually use white in their attributes such as fashion, vehicles, animals, property, etc. To show their social status in society as well as to show off to be acknowledged by the crowd.

Well that’s a little explanation of the color that has its own character behind each color. Find a color that matches your company’s brand, products or services as well as target customers is not an easy thing. Use color psychology as a guide then do tests to target consumers to know the best color composition.

Well what is your favorite color? Do you agree with our article about color? Let’s discuss it to add insight and knowledge to the comment field below.


Greetings of  success.


Motivapreneur Team.

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